Aims and Objectives

Next to excellence, comes the appreciation of it.

Our goal is not to be the ‘biggest’ or ‘leading’ School in India, but to stand apart as the most trusted – by the people we work with, as well as the people we work for. Any other milestone achieved along the way is a corollary of trust and an unflinching commitment to ethics.

C caring for each other
O offering forgiveness
M making justice our concern
M maximizing self esteem.
I inspiring faith in Christ
T trusting and being trustworthy
T taking stewardship seriously
E enabling growth and learning
D dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of truth


The aim of the school is to motivate the children for learning and preparing them to face the challenges of the fast changing world.
The School provides the fullest possible opportunity to a student to develop his \her all round personality in addition to scholarly pursuits. Our School greets all such parents who want to provide the desired education to their ward/s. Our School is dedicated to the preparation of a child for life in the new millennium. It provides a better learning environment to each child /pupil.

Aims & Objectives:
Seth CRB Senior Secondary School professes an abiding commitment to make its student conscious of India's Culture Heritage.
The education system over here takes the best from India rich culture, traditions and tries to mould the all-round personality of each student. St. Andrews aims at the All-Round development of a Child.
The mission of Seth CRB Senior Secondary School is to prepare a child for service and responsibility in national Life offering the best of academic education and providing excellence in physical, cultural and creative development.
The school aims at shaping the children as good citizen of future.
The ultimate objective is to develop an all round personality of student, and to infuse devotion discipline and moral values.
To impart quality education and create a spirit of excellence enabling the students to face all the challenges of life as well as to be conscious of Our Rich Cultural Heritage.